Daddy, Where do the Animals on the Train Go? Book One

After a challenging workday, a father’s daughter teaches him how to use his imagination again. Daddy, Where Do the Animals on the Train Go? Book One is written and illustrated by Solomon Johnson. For parents and their children ages newborn to 8 years old.

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award logo2021 Kresge Artist Fellowship Award Recipient

Great news everyone! Solomon Johnson is an award recipient of the 2021 Kresge Artist Fellowship in the Visual Arts Category for his book illustrations from the children series Daddy, Where Do the Animals on the Train Go? Read more about it below:

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Solomon Johnson

The Author

Inspired by his two daughters’ everyday curiosities, Solomon David Johnson returned to his heart’s desire for visual and literary storytelling. He and his family reside in the “Great Lake Mitten State”.

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The Process

Angry Customer

Sometimes, gesture drawings of characters were created to capture the visual mood of the children’s story. In the first step, notice that the strokes communicate 2 distinct body languages based upon their curves and angles. This shows direction. Instantly, the viewer can make out the relationship between the 2 characters without needing literature.

Fluttering Butterfly

Many of the visuals for the book series Daddy Where Do the Animals on the Train Go? are treated like paintings, but in a digital medium. Using photo references, the artist starts off with a simple color palette and loose strokes mapping out locations for objects. In this case, “digital paint globs” of cool grey and pastel blue skyscrapers fill the image. Through trial and error and the convenience of pixels, things get moved around rather quickly for a better composition. Eventually, the scene becomes progressively comprehensible defining a better perspective and clearer forms. This image “pops” due to the warm colors and organic shape of the butterfly in the foreground contrasting the geometric shapes and cool colors of the buildings in the middle to the background.

Coming Home

Kalai Krishnan, animator and illustrator, was chosen by Places We Go with Media, LLC because of her skill in lighting environments. The artist was asked to create a bungalow home for “Daddy” and “Princess Melanie” to show the family’s humble beginnings. Kalai was given the task of making the scene look like the “golden hour” nearing the end of the day. Afterwards, the author implemented minor corrections fixing the perspective of the car and the appearance of each character.

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The Company

In order to establish a healthier self-image for the African with eumelanin and the diaspora worldwide, Places We Go with Media, LLC creates stories showcasing these people with their innumerous idiosyncrasies versus the one-dimensional characterizations and narratives currently told in media. Its first release, Daddy Where Do the Animals on the Train Go? Book One written by Solomon Johnson, is a children’s book created for parents and their children ages newborn to 8-years old.

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Men’s luxury fashion expert of the William Malcolm Luxe Collection and Dream Kings founder and mentor for young African American males, William Malcolm, interviewed the creator of Daddy Where Do the Animals on the Train Go? Book One on the William Malcolm Morning Show.

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